Princess in Pink

The one thing about living in Hawaii that does not go well with my wardrobe aesthetics is the tropical-ness of everything. Don’t get me wrong now – I love sundresses, beachy, and boho clothes, but I also absolutely adore Parisian/sophisticated/classy outfits but sometimes it’s not so fitting with the weather and the vibe here. However, I have decided to embrace being unique and different here even if I always get stares and get asked, “What’s the occasion?” And I always respond with everyday is an occasion! I dress up no matter where I go haha. Fashion is my passion.

As much as my heart wants to be in the fashion capitals of the world, I always try to remind myself that I get the best of both worlds! No matter where I travel to, there is always love and a home waiting for me here in Hawaii, the state of ALOHA.

Now onto the outfit:

If you know me, I have been obsessed with pink my whole life! Pink +  Gold glitter heels? What more could you ask for?

Pink, White, & Gold = my aesthetics

Top & Shoes: HK

Skirt & Bag: S. Korea

You can find similar pieces from revolve/urban outfitters/bloomingdales!

Hope this inspires girly-girls out there 😉 Comment down what your favorite colors to wear are!

~xo Kaylee


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