First of all, can we talk about how EXTRA Korea is with their interior design/decor? It is all so trendy, modern, & totally instagram-worthy!


This was at the Lotte World Mall, isn’t it so pretty?

This flower shop is a 101 on how to attract customers.

  Innis Free Cafe! I’m obsessed with their drinks! If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend their mixed green & black tea (on the sweeter side) & their honey latte. Visit my instagram to see the food I ordered there – I’m already drooling thinking about the desserts there!


StyleNanda Pink Pool Cafe in Hongdae! I mean.. I don’t even need to say anything, and y’all can see how cute this cafe is. I love how Seoul has this concept of shopping & food in-one kind of thing. Can you all agree that they deserve #1 for marketing?

Cruffins! Croissant & muffin pastry? YES, PLEASE! I’m all about french pastries ~

Skin Food Cafe! Honestly, I haven’t had a single bad experience eating in Seoul’s cafes. Everything is just so on point!

I’ve never seen such prettier flowers in my life! Just thought I had to get a pic with them hehe 😉


As you can probably tell, I loved Seoul, S. Korea sooo sooo much! It is literally a beauty & fashion heaven there, and perfect for girls like me! By far, my favorite asian country I have visited so far. Let me know if you would considering moving to a foreign country, and where?


xo Kaylee ~


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