This was my second time in Hong Kong, it always feels like home because after all, I did live in China for 5 years. Most memorable party about HK though.. is definitely going to Disneyland & Ocean Park for the first time! I know.. first time! Crazy huh? But I can finally say that I was on the happiest place on Earth 🙂


I love how cute this area of Ocean Park was ~ It basically consists of a set of the old HK filled with fake props. I felt like I was in an ancient Hong Kong drama because it was almost identical to the TVB sets if you have ever watched Hong Kong dramas.

1881 Heritage – This was nearby Victoria Harbour & just thought this was really cute haha ~

Symphony of Lights was amazing btw – the view is absolutely beautiful <3

Colors everywhere you go ~

Just another cute cafe ~


All I can say about the food I had in HK is: comfort food! Rice, noodles, congee, dim sum ~ yaasss #riceislife #carboverload #butit’ssogood&cheap


These were the highlights of my trip. I really really want to go back because there is just sooo much to do, so much to see! It’s always exciting ~ I love big cities & I hope to live in one, one day.

How about you? Which do you prefer: Country or City life?


~ xo Kaylee <3


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