Princess in Fairytale Garden

One word… Euphoria.. is how I would describe today and life in general 😀 I have never felt so elated about life – just.. chasing after my dreams & goals that I’ve kept secret to myself. It feels amazing to be making things happen instead of solely dreaming about it.

Something that I’ve been working on is living life everyday to fullest. I know.. it sounds cheesy but you have to make everyday count because tomorrow is never guaranteed. If you live in Hawaii then you probably remembered the ballistic missile alert. That made me question have I lived my life with no regrets? And that is something we should all ask ourselves. I do not wish to be old and wonder what if? It’s better an oops than a what if.

Everyday, we are given so many choices & opportunities, but I realized that it is up to you! The direction your life is headed.. the power is in your hands. I learned that you can’t wait for the perfect moment – you have to create the perfect moment yourself! You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start somewhere. So far.. it has lead me to a lot of happiness everyday!

Hope I spread some joy through my happiness from today 🙂

Do you agree with me? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with me!

xo Kaylee ~



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