I’m Floral About You

Spring is approaching, and for me, that means it’s time to bust out those cute floral dresses!

Dresses are always fun to wear because it’s so easy to just throw on and look very put together even though you really put little to 0 effort into your outfit.

This dress, however is a little more unique because it’s a long sleeve wrap dress! Perfect for the weather here in Hawaii.. because throughout the day, the weather will be cold & hot interchangeably (it’s quite bipolar haha). But long sleeve dresses always saves the day when you don’t feel like carrying an extra jacket around!

Side note – Do you prefer tea or coffee? This day, I decided to go for the mango peach iced tea instead of my go-to vanilla latte.

Of course – I always have to add a pop of pink in my outfit 😉


Let me know what your Spring transition outfit is!

xo Kaylee ~


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