Cozy Brunch Date

My favorite meal of the day is probably brunch! It is the perfect time for me to eat because by the time I finish getting ready, it is brunch hours! I love how there are sweet & savory options – you could either have pancakes/waffles or omelettes, egg benedicts, fries, and much more! I am quite a foodie, so I must have both! If you didn’t know, fries are a MUST-HAVE for me whenever it’s available on the menu.

P.S this drink was bomb! It was a lychee & lilikoi cooler (very tropical-y)


Since it was a chilly day, I decided to wear this super cute pink sweater with a white skirt. My favorite colors to pair together are probably pink, white, and gold. I love the cut out on the shoulders because it gives the normal sweater a more unique & girly look to my outfit. And as always, I pair everything with my Steve Madden heels since it is so comfortable to walk in!


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