Blissful Elegance in Blue

“Play tourist” dates are probably one of my favorite activities to do ~ and you guessed it! Today was one of those days again.. haha, what’s new?

Food is always a great idea to start off with so I had breakfast at a restaurant in the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Hotel. I was feeling savory that day so I ordered a veggie omelette with potatoes on the side, and my friend got the Strawberry Mochi Waffles which was very delicious as well!

Because we were so full after, we walked around and looked for birthday presents for my friend’s boyfriend & mother. We ended up taking some cute photos in Free People.

Since we were feeling thirsty, I decided to get my coffee fix for the day. I do not normally have this, but I thought it would look cute with my latte art. Anything for a photo right?!

It didn’t turn out so pretty because I asked for soy milk instead of whole milk :/ It was very tasty though!

And then we ended up at this super cute boutique. Here is me playing dress-up:

Because we are huge pigs, we decided to go eat again.. But first gotta get that guava juice 😉 Guava juice is probably my favorite juice flavor.

So since my friend craved curry, we went to Nin Nin.

That was pretty much for the day. I know.. a lot of food! I admit I do eat a lot and quite often than normal people.. I’m not the only one though, right?

Let me know if you guys love food as much as me!

xo Kaylee ~



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