Paradise Party for 2

You know those days where you create exciting plans with your friend, but something always gets in the way… BUT in the end, the day still is as surprisingly amazing as you wanted it to be in the first place?

If you know.. today was one of those days!

If not.. I hope you will experience it some day! (I mean the part about the end)

So here’s what happened: My friend & I made plans to go to a cute breakfast/brunch cafe, and we were going to follow through with all these cute photo ideas in our head. We were looking forward to it for days until the night before we were supposed to execute those plans.. we find out the cafe is closed on Tuesday, and you guessed it, that was the day we were supposed to go & the only time we both were free! Don’t you just love those coincidences…

So I try to remain as positive as I can, hope for the best, and decided we were just going to figure it out tomorrow.. Did I mention we planned to wear matching outfits because we knew it was going to match the cafe’s theme as well? So because of our outfits, it helped me decide which restaurant to go to!

We went to Tommy Bahama’s rooftop restaurant! We spent about 2-3 hours there because we wanted to talk, enjoy life, and just chill. Tbh though..we were just taking photos majority of the time (LOL). Shoutout to the servers/staff there who were being super nice about it because we were kind of in their way when they were trying to walk in & out of the kitchen..

The bread was super fresh & warm when it came out. The spread as the server described it tasted like Christmas..  I believe there was nutmeg & cinnamon in it so you could imagine how that was! 

I ordered a veggie cauliflower “steak” plate. My favorite part was the rice, not too sure how it was made though.. and my friend ordered a filet mignon flatbread.

The chocolate pie was very enjoyable, my favorite part was the crust because it tasted like crushed oreos. FYI – I love anything cookies & cream flavored!

As you can see, the entire restaurant was super cute! The views were breathtaking so it definitely felt like paradise!

Hope you enjoyed these photos ~ Let me know what your favorite dessert is or if you prefer savory food.

xo Kaylee


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